Old main character missing from account

Hey all. I'm trying to locate the former main for an account, who seems to be missing. I sent an email to the support address, with the character details and what I've tried already (searching all servers via the character search). When they responded they just said to try searching the ywain servers. I reiterated that I'd done that already and haven't heard back since then, which was 2 days ago.

Looking at this forum, I thought it might be better to try through here, in case some other steps can be taken to find this char. I can provide details if needed but didn't want to clog up this initial post. Thanks for any assistance!



  • Update to this: After searching the ywain servers one-by-one, we located the character. She's still not showing up on the search though, no idea why. Anywho, issue resolved
  • Glad to hear the character was found!

    Generally speaking, if you are missing a character please open an ingame /appeal on the account that the character used to be located on, listed as Emergency Appeal. Include the following information: the name of the character, it's race, level, and class; the server it used to be located on, and ideally when it was last logged into the game (doesn't need to be an exact date, but if you can narrow it down to a month, that's great!). Our Customer Support team will investigate this and if they can find a record of the character, it will be restored in the way it was when last logged out of the game! There is never a guarantee that deleted characters can be restored, but they do their best to assist in such cases.
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