[Guide] Summoner's Hall

Grand Summoner = CT down a tad right in archway , ML9 and fully buff. Pull him back into room and let his adds aggro on CT. NS him and just nuke down. Be sure to keep oog (out of group) bots in other room due to aoe nukes.

Guy w/ plic = nuke down plic every time he spawns and then just pbaoe / nuke down main.

Dog Near entrance = pull / taunt with tank and nuke down. Watch out for his spawns because they AOE and hit hard.

Aidon's Wizard = Have oog bot aggro and then just run out of room to avoid bolt , keep constant heals on him though until out of bolt range. Rest of group single pull each wizard spawn 1 by 1 until you have hit the one that drops loot. This one take the longest in my opinion

Legerdemain Cloak Mob = Stack on him and pbaoe him down , watch for his adds though . Easiest boss in instance imo

Eternal Bracer Boss = Ns her to start fight and stay out of her main room. Pull her out into secondary room. Healer / rm's cc Hulks as they spawn. Continue to nuke / ns her down for most of fight.

Band Of Clandestinity Boss = Stay on Portal side of archway and just nuke her down from a distance. Need to NS / and have at least 2 people nuking her at all times or else she will AOE bolt. Again don't go past archway as you enter her room


Credit to @juggalocharles#5814 from FOH
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    I would like to add that for aidon if you have the guy targeted when he splits into 4 of them you will still have the right guy targeted so just fast to find out which one it is
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