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What is everyone's thoughts? I think these boards are pathetic and childish. I feel like I'm being watched constantly because of the new rules that you need to sign in to your master EA (or daoc, whatever) account and you can be punished if you talk trash about the game. Honestly it feels like high school... Not to mention you can't even post if you do not have an active account. There was nothing wrong with postcount why did Broadsword need to waste time and resources to create a forum when there was already one and there are x100 other issues IN THE ACTUAL GAME that they need to fix first?

Seriously GJ


  • ok I'm actually going to respond to this.

    First off bashing the boards is not really the way to start a conversation here. If you want to talk about something just be civil about it and leave out the need to bash a person, game, forums, or whatever.

    You are not watched constantly, and these rules are not new by any stretch. These are the same rules VN and PC used to have, back in the beginning for PC anyway. PC's rules were later lightened way way up. Personal attacks, flaming, trolling, baiting, everything like that used to get you modded. Many people would get banned multiple times a week with longer ban lengths compared to now where 2/3 people might get banned a month (yet still complain it's too strict).

    You can be punished if you break these rules, but it is very easy to not break these rules. It really is, people just don't want to. Game bashing, btw, will get you modded on both boards. And you can be negative here, just be constructive and civil, that's all. This is also the same on PC, but again, people don't want to be, so it's hard to have a decent conversation about something without everyone attacking each other, bashing the devs, going too far, getting banned, etc.

    What is new is the game link, but again don't break the rules and you've nothing to worry about.

    Most of the time and resources in this were mine, and it was not a waste. I also don't do dev work on the game, so nothing was taken away from working on DAoC itself.

    There are many more people who would use these forums compared to PC because of the level of toxicity on PC, which has run off many people over it's 6 years of being, and I have heard way more about wanting/needing official forums and how people will not use PC.

    You can use both boards, you have less strict rules on PC to rant away and do your thing, and here you can have an actual conversation about the game or with other people without the thread falling apart from attacks.

    Locking this now, if you have any more questions please feel free to PM me.
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