Friday Grab Bag - 05/08/2020

The Grab Bag

If you missed our April newsletter last month, then you haven't caught a glimpse of our new housing models and textures coming in Patch 1.127! Not to worry though, you can check out the housing preview and full newsletter here  :) Has anyone figured out the math puzzle yet!?!

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

On to the questions!

I built a new template for my theurgist with Curse set (17 abs melee) and I also use the Otherworldly Agile Gloves that have a 40 abs proc. I do a little test with my pally. I hit my theurgist about 100 times but never proc the gloves… is correct gloves don't proc if I have abs buff?

We did a test of our own to ensure that the gloves still proc properly and were able to confirm that they do, even when using the Theurgist’s Curse armor set with the increased ABS buff. 

The reason you did not see a proc in your tests is simply that gloves have the smallest chance to be hit out of all the armor slots (tied with boots) and so a 100-swing test is not guaranteed to hit the gloves enough times for them to proc, which is also chance-based.

Can you help me understand what the curse 3 piece set even benefits for a champ? It talks about even the odds and level the odds range extended to 1500 where is this buff that it talks about?

Even the Odds and Level the Odds are magic resist buffs that are attached to the Champion’s level 37 and 47 dexterity/quickness instant debuff spells.

The level 37 ability Level the Odds increases only the Champion’s magic resistances by 6% while the level 47 Even the Odds increases the Champion’s group’s magic resistance by 10% at a range of 1000.

The Champion’s Curse set increases the effectiveness of these magic resist increases by 50% for both versions and makes them both 1500 range group-buffs.

For the Bard mez, does having +skill in music affect the chance of the mezz being resisted in any way?

No, the spell resist rate is only affected by the level of the spell in comparison to the level of the target.

A level 50 spell cast against a level 50 target should see resist rates around 10%.

A level 35 spell cast against a level 50 target will see a higher than normal resist rate (around 15-20%), regardless of how many +skills are in the caster’s gear.

Spell piercing does also provide a small bonus to resist rates but other than that, only the Mastery of Focus realm ability (and/or a Focal Mythirian) will improve resist rates when casting offensive spells since it increases the level of your casted spells (up to a maximum of level 50).

What determines resist rates on pulse charms and does the Mastery of Focus realm ability affect them?

Unlike other spells, resist rates of the charm pulses after their initial cast are only affected by the level of the character and their composite Instrument or Light specialization values. Having a maximum composite specialization level allows for fewer resistances and allows Minstrels and Mentalists the ability to charm higher level mobs. Charsima and Intelligence have no effect on the pulse charms’ resistance rates.

The Mastery of Focus realm ability also does not affect the resist rates on the subsequent pulses of the charms but does affect the initial cast on the mob that starts the charm song.

With the graphical changes coming to housing, which look awesome by the way, are there anymore graphical improvements coming down the road also? Such as world graphical updates, NPC texture updates, etc.

We’ll be focusing in on some more character cosmetic and customization options in the nearer future but do have long-term plans for texture updates to other areas of the game like pets, Shrouded Isles lands and monsters, and more!

Have a great weekend, all!

See you in the frontier :)

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