Play Style Discussions

Back in the day one of the enjoyable parts of the the game was the discussions on templates, play styles, what works what doesn’t work. Doesn’t seem like much of that is going on and maybe it is because not much has changed to warrant those discussions. For me just returning it is a whole new world. Think I my last active period was circa 2007 and ended right before the archery changes to where they were moved to be a spell line. If my memory serves me correct the patch before that removed the DW ability to halve evades and blocks to the point scouts were able to just laugh at a melee ranger.

Be interested on folks thoughts on the ranger and what play styles work. Can a melee focused ranger work in today’s game with minimal archery or does the hybrid concept have to be the minimum in that regard.

If my memory serves me right a blades focused ranger that spec’d minimal into bow only concerned themselves with Dex from a defensive POV. If hybrid is a must Dex becomes more important because of “casting time” but doesn’t impact archery damage (I assume)

How is MOS working these days and the return on investment for high MOS.

I plan on scrolling through the past posts but would appreciate input and figured maybe some others that are EC would too.

For now I’m busy sorting through inventory of items that I have had in a vault since 2001. Too sentimental to junk any of it
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