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Haven’t built a template since late 2000’s, if I remember correctly caps for attributes were 26. Is there a nice summary of new cap increases or new bonuses on a specific site?

Plan on using daoc utils to build the template just want to know what caps I’m working with


  • There is this wonderful thing called Google, where you type some words that are linked to what you are looking for, and automatically it gives you websites you can then consult to get your answer.
  • Or I can ask question, get my answer along with sarcasm. Either way I get my answer and the sarcasm doesn’t mean anything to me. Thanks
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    127 for attributes, 600 hp. Resists still 26 but mythical resist cap can push them up. Daoc excidio is a good site for templating

    Wb :)
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  • Be careful with temping because I don’t know if the new stats of epic armor are included
  • Thanks Thrak

    @kedyma remind me the 127 is template bonuses plus buff bonuses correct?
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    I give him a link to the exact information he requested while you give him half of the answer... As a bonus I even listed a methodology for him to be independent and be able to find information by himself :neutral: has the old epic armor stats, the updated stats are on item search. Be careful that you cannot add mythical stat caps on daocutils when doing rog items (which you'll need to do if you start using epic armor pieces).

    And to answer your question, 127 is max bonuses from items, so it does not consider bonuses from buffs.
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  • @kedyma
    You should explain how the 127 are reached in detail. With cap increase and myth cap increase.
  • It all makes sense now, between the link and the simple answer I was able to jog the old memory. 26 from old school cap increases and 26 from mythical cap or all 52 from
    Mythical cap. 127 max bonus 75(the original) + 26 (the first cap increase) + 26 (latest increase)

    Thanks all
  • @kedyma

    brother, why in excidio does it have Mastery of Stealth in the skills section and not the RA section?
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    Excidio is a little outdated concerning skills/RAs etc. the template tool is still legit, although you may have to add a couple items here or there. In relation to your original question, excidio does a good job showing you what’s achievable in templates
  • Why is excidio better than daocutils?
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