EU 8man PUG Possibly looking for you?

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Hi community, i have for a while thought about forming an 8 man with you the community, i am by no means an expert, but i have a general idea what i want out of the grp, obviously fun with hopefully some of the same faces, but also to face off against some of the other groups roaming around, if you have read this much so far, and i have sparked your interest, my criteria and expectations are as followed.


We will 100% lose a lot of fights the first week if not a couple, this is part of the learning experience, i spend 6-8 months almost losing every day, getting yelled at, but it got me a lot better, this is honestly part of the experience of getting better, if you are not ready to commit to something like this, then you shouldnt contact me.

Dodging certain groups

Now i know this may sound like a weird criteria, Yems why dodge a group we will most likely lose against, or even get 30 seconded by, whats the point?. Learning, but this also opens up an opportunity, losing to better groups means theres also a chance of them giving us as a group,players,individuals feedback on our performance, i cant stress enough how much this is also part of getting better(aside from also playing a lot.)

My expectations

have fun, fight the other groups, not so much bullshit and drama, and able to help each other improve in the game we all love.

I have asked and it would appear the best starting realm for a fresh group and with room for a lot of errors would be the realm of Albion, so this is what i will go with for a smoother start.

This thread is created in order to see if there is any interest from the community, how many days a week and who plays who is left undecided untill i see how many people are interested.
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