[Midgard] Curse Campain Guid

Here is a translation of the guide i created in french

The goals are :
  • Introducing the campain
  • Helping people get ready to join a BG
  • Helping people to lead a BG
  • Give some tips and tricks

0/ Prologue
Reward : NONE

The CURSE campain is divided into 2 types of quests
- [CURSE] Quest : the main campain
- Others quests you can take into the campain > you don't need to do them in order to follow a BG

Doing the whole curse campain will lead you from CL 0 to CL 8-9
  1. Talk to Roshak in Jordheim (teleporter Room)
  2. Talk to either Sigrund or Theso and chose your path
  3. Talk back to Roshak
  4. Head to Malmohus (map just behind) to the lake and prepare yourself
  5. Examinate the egg : mean you have to zerg the NPC + his adds
  6. Enter Drakulvhamn (Curse dungeon) and talk back to your faction NPC to start the next Quest

1/ Chapter 1

Reward : Aurulite

You have something like 10Q to take at the entrance once you've spoken to your NPC
  1. Move to the room marked with a 1 on the drakulvahmn map (see above)
  2. Kill Oracle Kel
  3. Kill 5 Drakulv Oracle (wait for respawn)
  4. Turn back to entrance

2/ Chapter 2

Reward : Aurulite
  1. Go into the room marked 2 on the Drakulv map
  2. Kill Priestess
  3. After her death, a blood god spawn, you have to kill it quickly (it's like a heretic damage)
  4. Turn back to credit the Q
3/ Chapter 3

Reward : Aurulite
  1. Move to point 3 marked on the Drakulv map
  2. Talk to Saabna to be able to hit the next monster (/S power will work fine)
  3. Move into room 4, pull the Darkspire Wyvern, bring her back to saabna and zerg it
  4. Go back to entrance to finish ch3

4/ Chapter 4

Reward : Aurulite
  1. Go back to Saabna
  2. Talk to her ( /s soul cask)
  3. Kill monster and right click the DarkSpire Essence (you need to collect 25, it's a bg collection so be aware in your /journal)
  4. Go back to saabna (/s garmr)
  5. Go back to Garmr at the entrance of the dungeon

5/ Chapter 5

Reward : Aurulite
  1. Talk to Garmr to /s chose your Soul Weapon
  2. Equip the Soul weapon : MUST DO
  3. Go out into Malmohus
  4. Reach the point marked 1 on the malmohus map just after this
  5. Clean all monsters (Elites and trash) close to King Brodolf. Do not pull King
  6. Kill the King
  7. Head to the point marked 2 on the malmohus map just after this
  8. Clean the mobs
  9. Attack and kill the Darkspire Crystal. Take care of AOE disease, huge AOE damage
  10. Go back to Saabna in the dungeon (take care, you have to go back to Saabna, not Garmr)

Malmo Map ch5 and 7

6/ Chapter 6

Reward : Bracer of dream conqueror

It's a solo chapter. You don't need it to continue the campain, but you will need it done when you'll claim your ch10 reward.
  1. Enter the instance in Drakulvahmn (6 on the map above)
  2. Talk To Garmr
  3. Right click on the dreamstone (you know have access to this point from any porter into the DAOC world)
  4. Port to Spin Dream. Summon your pets using the horn /use (can't do this chapter without the pets, if you have a pet of your own, you won't be able to use both)
  5. Clean monsters and port back into Drakulv Dream
  6. Port into Trollehim Dream
  7. Clean monsters (take care, some are linked), finish with Mukrf and port back to Drakulv Dream
  8. Port into ML7 Dream
  9. Clean monsters until everybody is down, then follow the path to the dark Dragon. After the speach you'll get your bracer

You'll need ~30 min for Spin / trollheim, maybe 1h for ML7
You can make break after each dungeon
Use CC, hit and run, port back to entrance by rushing into blue walls if you are in danger

7/ Chapter 7

Reward : Aurulite
This chapter is the next one the BG will do after King Brodolf
  1. Go outside in malmohus
  2. Reach Gjalpinulva area in malmo (check the malmo map again if needed)
  3. Kill the Lifestone without hiting Gjalpi
  4. Do not use cold damage on dragon or you will WIPE !
  5. Kill Gjalpinulva
  6. Go back to dungeon

8/ Chapter 8

Reward : Aurulite
  1. Go to Saabna and speak to her. She will still have a blue dot it's a bug
  2. Examinate the Darkspire Portal (do not click until the lead ask to...)
  3. Kill each waves. Please note that Harpy AOE silence, they must be killed first
  4. Talk to Saabna to end the chapter

The BG steps are done, you are ready to go into ch9-10 (group step)

9/ Chapter 9

Ch 9 and 10 map

This step reward you with auru and platine + 3 chests you have to click
The chest can drop : any dragon drop (jewels) / set pieces (your class, or not) or nothing or aurulite, get some luck ...
It's possible to have 3 set pieces in a row or 3* nothing

Use detaunt styles if you want to keep aggro !!!
  1. Take the Q at the crossroad to ch6 (A dark king road)
  2. Follow the open road.
  3. Generally speaking, you have to kill Alchemist as KOS target if you aggro some. After that, rush for Stalkers (weak hp) and let the adventurers for the end

Named 1 : Ingolf
  1. Go to point 3 : Ingolf
  2. Tactic : 5 melee max on Ingolf. At 93% it will spawn 3 adds you have to take on 1 tank with DETAUNT style (keep them on the tank). Any melee can do this job
  3. Others zerg Ingolf
  4. Casters and healers have to take care of : casting speed debuff / flood pbaoe (wizard skin) / disease
  5. Take your chest and move

Named 2 : Miranda and Malcom Black
  1. Go to point 4 (take care of alchemists)
  2. Everybody inside
  3. When the speech is other, a cloud will spawn (like in JF encounter), you will have to move in circle to avoid the room and kill miranda and malcom
  4. Zerk Miranda (she does AOE) and after that Malcom (a tank can take it with detaunt)
  5. Take your chest

Named 3 : Melee and Magic rooms
  1. In the magic room you can cast and you MUST keep Friga in combat with nuke (cl dd, lvl 1 spells etc). You will have some heals to do
  2. In the melee room : 1 PER POD . IF MORE both will die. You have to stand on the pod, if there is an orange animation, move closer to the mob. If you don't you'll be ported to healer room. Use the portals if you need healing. Else, just avoid the portings
  3. Zerg the melee Friga in less than 15 min or she will enrage
  4. Shaman can life pod into the melee room, but most of your spells will fail in this room.
  5. Take your reward, ch9 is done.

10/ Chapter 10
The dark Dragon
Reward : 1-3 loots on the dragon to share + cursed glove
  1. Take the Quest (Garmr)
  2. Examinate the Dark Energy
  3. Zerg the dragon
  4. Some surprises for you : uncurable NS, aoe stun, aoe damage
  5. Long and boring but if you have decent healers it's fine

You can do both 9 and 10 w/o doing 6 but King won't give you the glove until you finish the solo chapter.

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    Use detaunt styles if you want to keep aggro !!!
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