Housing Issue

So i returned like a few others and have been getting all my junk together and was going to buy a guild house because i have this vague hope of rebuilding my old guild even if its just a dozen players lol. Well i am the GM of the guild still but when i try to purchase a lot stone it tells me i dont have permissions to purchase from this lotstore. Now when i took my break it appears a guild member/other GM got a house on Ywain 9 but when i go there its not our guild house and it belongs to someone else. Now my character is an original toon from Lancelot before all the mergers so my toon is Ywain1 so i should be able to pick up a house stone on ywain1 but no dice. Any ideas?


  • Do you already own a personal house? If so you need to make that the guild house and then purchase one for your personal home. House rent has been turned off so no repossessions have occurred in a long time i believe.
  • Did you click the lot stone and press G to get?

    Not intuitive I realize but I ran into your issue when just trying to click the stone only...
  • Make sure you are on the correct Ywain.
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  • Look up your guild using the Guild search on the herald. Whatever ywain server that says is where your house has to be. It could very well be a ywain9 guild so it’s guild house would need to be on the ywain9 server. It has to do with whoever was the group leader at time of guild creation, the server that toon was on sets the server for the guild.

    Yes it’s stupid, no it can’t be changed per broadsword’s grab bag answer a couple months ago.
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