Cabby pet help

I have a lv 50 Cabby and was wondering if there is anything you can do to improve your pet for farming and what technic you use in dungeons?


  • If your solo without a bot make sure you spec for CL buffs for the pet, also equip 25% enhancement bonus items when buffing.

    Depending on what your farming - you can ML9 and focus shield down most things. You can also spec wild minion or juggernaut with RA points to help.
  • appreciate the info, did the CL buffs , dont see ant 25% items unless I am not doing the search right, When I leveled this it was a while back when you dotted the pygmy mobs in Lyoness, now when I am in a dungeon and I do a focus pull how do I keep from pulling agro when I do a heal, I see others do it successful but I seem to pull every thing with the smallest heals.
  • the search on the consignment merchant should be % enhancement spell, or something along those lines. There are lots of RoG rings and bracers, but really just about any slot there will be at least something. Try to pick items you can swap out without losing your /use timers. For example if your ring has a /use that you like to use, try not buying a ring item with %buff enhancement. s/s slots are the best, but those RoG items can be expensive on housing as they are in higher demand
  • Think it’s called stat buff enhancement when you search on the CM. Free Kings myth has 7%.
  • Try to get a Stardrop jewel.
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