Are there going to be more restrictions lifted for endless conquest accounts?

Would be nice to see more restrictions lifted now while people are still on lockdown in some areas of the world.


  • Would be great if the game as it is now would just be free to play with no restrictions and then have paid subs with perks. Bigger houses/vault space, longer timers on pots, rp bonuses etc. QoL stuff for paid subs.
  • That is a awesome idea! Paid subscribers get longer timers on celerity, supremacy and regen potions! 15 minutes!!! Make it hapen
  • Remove restrictions on EC and give bonuses to Paid (see ESO)

    Add things to paid like potions last 20mins. Self buffs last 120 mins, on your billing date you get x amount of Mithral or free xp/gold/bp potions along with bug pot, paid accounts don't pay the extra 20% from buying at the housing entrance merchant, extra bank space, housing merchant can hold more money, stuff like that.
  • @samhayn I’d unsub two acts and just okay for free
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    Yes, when the new server is created. Until then there's no financial incentive....

    Which they could basically do next week if they wanted. Instead it'll be after (insert patch here, even though that was said years ago) is finished.
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  • The experience restriction is a big one. a free account cant even get a group and go through the battlegrounds together. The restrictions make the game unplayable. maybe that is your intent but with population so low we need more people playing.
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