Should night modus be removed?

What you think about this?
I recently have problems with playing the game in the morning/afternoon when there is night ingame. It is literally impossible to play unless you darken your room entirely. What you do in this situation?
I also dont know why we have this night/day modus after all. I guess it is for role play reasons. But do people really care about it after playing for some time? I guess for most people, if they leave their pc and you ask them whether it is night or day, they cant tell you. So why we need this? It only causes troubles for people that can not darken their room but there is no benefit.
Im ok with having different weather options, like rain, snow, fog, ... Maybe you can even extend this. But I think night modus is superfluous.
  1. Should night modus be removed?15 votes
    1. Yes.
    2. No.
    3. I dont care.


  • Adds another layer of strategy (ie turn your torch off) for me. If it's so bad buy some curtains/blinds or change your setup. You pay $15 for a game over x amount of time should be worth it
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  • Just turn up your gamma.
  • Change the gamma on your computer
  • Will try this out
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