Seasonal quests

Just came back after a couple months off, because I really like the seasonal quests. How do we get the spring basket and flower boxes on Gaheris? The NPC who gives the frontier egg hunt quest won't give me that one. I've tried on a few characters. I did it on normal servers, and got the quest without incident.


  • The basket and flower box quest appears to my level 50’s after defeating the Harbinger of spring. The frontier egg hunt quest is from level 35 to 49 and I can confirm it is up for my level 45 Druid
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    Thank you. I could get the flower box quest at level 15 on Ywain servers after completing the egg hunt. Seems weird that I have to be 50 to get the same quest on Gaheris.

    Do you need a quest to kill it?
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  • Looks like the quest auto completes on kill of the harbinger. After you turn in you will get access from the holiday egg quest giver to get the housing decorations
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