How about mercenaries to hire ?

It's probably gonna be an unpopular opinion but hears me out.

Yes DAoC is mainly an RvR game but it has very decent PvE content. But most of this PvE content is completely abandoned. Let's be honest, when was the last time you went through all the MLs or went down Iarrnvidiur's Lair ? Probably a long time ago and new players, if there is any, will probably never. Nevertheless, it makes sense to have shortcuts for our toons. So can't we think of some way to make the PvE content more accessible ?

In that regard, Guild Wars had a mercenary system that worked pretty well and maybe we can find here some inspiration. Considering that, for example, Spiritmaster pets have now define role based on the type of spirit that is summoned. I would suggest that BS implement tokens that would summons mercenaries that copies the realm races and classes which would follow you and take a place in your group. You could summon up to 7 mercenaries (-1 for each real player already in a group with you). This would be Veteran account restricted. Mercenaries would not be resurectable. Mercenaries would have a limited time of use. Mercenaries would have the same basic command as any pet. If a mercenary is in your group, exp/money/drop rate decrease significantly (more mercenaries = more decrease). Mercenaries use would be restricted to PvE zones and could not be used inside an ongoing campaign instance (the idea is to promote players to play together while still be able to explore the dismissed PvE content and yet it would still be faster/easier to use BPs for player that don't care). That way it would still be easier to found 2-3 people to create a more efficient group or bring their own mercenaries to create a BG for more difficult PvE content than actually finding 2 fg+ of players willing to go explore some of the darkest parts of the game.

(Yes I am aware that most of the content can be done with pet class, multiboxing etc.. but maybe some of us don't enjoy playing the game this way)

I would be happy to read your feedback :)


  • Love the idea. Right now i'm trying to do my hunter level 30 epic but I can't do it solo. Mercenaries would really help.
  • Just want to add it is not easy finding people to help you with quests and many prefer to play solo.
  • warduke if you see anyone with name in there name (not nameless) send me a tell if im not doing anything I will help or if you are looking for a guild sned anyone in sentella we all kinds of stuff to help guildies out
  • Thanks names I will look for you. Im usually on from 12-3 or 4 est every day. Is your guild active in that time period?
  • We may have some peeps on but mostly us prime time to lait night is when most of us are on
  • If you are looking for an EU guild try renegade avengers they are in the same alliance as us and i thinknthey are on more that time (i maybe wrong on that)
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