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So on a lark i went to check things out and my old characters are all still archived. So I xferrd a few of my 50's over and just starting again. My favorite back in the day was a dark carver, max runebolt for far way sniping and a dark debuff followed by dark direct damage spell. I have to digest the spell options now and it looks like I have to allocate my points ? So question, is a dark carver still a viable option as a runemaster? Once I allocate points how hard is it these days to reallocate if you want to change?



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    Ask in general board and you might get an answer.

    If you are paying customer, it is not hard to respec. Respec stones are available in housing for little money.
    Look for "exerpise" for skill respec, "exeregum" for RA respec.

    For EC players it is harder to respec.
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