Radeon 5700 xt and daoc is almost unplayable, any one figure it out?

I have tried 120hz 60hz frame lock at 60 fps at 120 hz, frame lock at 120, no frame lock, sync, no sync, overclock, underclock, formatting my while computer and just install daoc. Tried shutting off all AMD stuff and turning it all on. Tried 1080, 120 60, 1440 120 60, and 4k. It doesnt skip in the character creator and login part. Tried windows 7 capable and xp. Tried turning the graphics all the way down and all the way up.

It skips, and shudders, and lowers it self down to 8 fps if I start moving in game windows around, and when o move.

I know it is the radeon card, because my low end 850 snap dragon laptop works.


  • It is def the 5700 xt, I found some one to trade me their 2080, for my 5700 xt and 200, and the window moves smooth and no skips.
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