Artifact Revamp

Dear @John_Broadsword and @Carol_Broadsword

Would it be possible to revamp artifacts? Give them updated stats? They added such a nice variety to the game and templating. It would be amazing to have some of those abilities in game again! Maybe even make the encounters worth doing again, let them award BPs, CL XP, drop the artifact for activation. Even the scroll farming was nice at a higher drop rate. Also all the designs of the ToA items were very cool.

Maybe even do a small ToA event in the future.

Artifact stats for now would be sufficient though:)


  • It would be nice if they could another 5 levels to them to help even out the stats. Lore-wise they explain the TOA scholars found out they only unlocked a portion of the artifacts power due to their haste of getting them on the battlefield and now they are able to unlock the rest.
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  • Have to be careful here.

    Some artifacts have really cool /use, but it's nice that there is a little compromise to be done to using them.

    I mean there are some good artifacts still used (Zo, SoK, Egg, SoG, zahur crown, winged helm, etc.), so I wouldn't touch those.

    Still waiting on the Shark week event where you get bonus RPs if you kill ppl shapeshifted as a shark.
  • I don’t think a lot of artis are being used. Egg yes everything else is pretty rare. Zo became a bit of a joke compared to earlier. SoK maybe wardens or full tanks because everyones resist are capped anyways and you can’t gamble on the proc. Would be nice to see more variety again
  • SoK has nothing to do with resists, it's used in solo play for the style reduction proc
  • @Thrakonna you don't use artifacts for stats, you only have them because of their /use or proc.

    There are a ton of useless artifacts.

    One thing that would be nice would just be to change some of the weapons to 4.4 and 5.8/6.0 speeds. Might make them more relevant again.
  • Traitors dagger with 16.5 dps and 4.0 speed would be OP lol
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  • I know that some we’re are being used besides the stats. However it’s so sad to see Auge a huge pool of items not being upgraded. Even for solo, not many people use sok. It would be nice to see people tempting around weapons and their uses. This gives a bit more build diversity
  • it would be great if they even just added better skills/stats/mythical cap raises. I don't think you would hear anyone complain
  • If Broadsword is listening in on this discussion, I just want to remind them, and everyone else, that Broadsword always goes over-the-top with things. I don't want Artifacts to come back with insane amounts of buffed utility that make them must-haves in every template.

    Templating used to be an art of give and take. Sacrificing things for others... Now every template is the same and all items have OP utility/stats. Sure it's fun to be able to temp every toon out with super sexy stats, but I don't think the vision of mythical caps and toa bonuses was to have everything maxed out across the board.
  • Shouldn’t be too strong I agree but a bit of variety in builds would be nice again. There are so many unique cool abilities in artifacts plus skins are nice and so are the encounters. Was always a lot of fun doing those
  • The only problem with buffing arties is reather they will be the same lvl because i use them a lot in the bgs
  • 10% siphon on staff of God, thanks
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