Friday Grab Bag - 03272020

Welcome to this week's Grab Bag!

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On to the questions :)

I wanted to respec ra’s on my 39 cleric, but someone said I couldn’t respect ra’s until I was 40, is this accurate?

Veteran accounts can still respec, but the messaging in-game for respecs is a bit outdated. The game will tell you that you must wait until level 40 to perform your 2nd free respec, which is not completely false in that you WILL get another free respec at level 40, but you can always /use a respec stone and initiate another respec at your trainer.

I know DF is not a full time RVR zone and Macro groups are allowed in area to pve. But when you are in there and a macro group is actively hunting you does that fall under the guidelines of Macro groups not to engage in RVR action.

Macro groups/multiboxing are not permitted in the Frontiers and Battlegrounds. There is no guideline against them RvRing in Darkness Falls or other RvR areas aside from the Frontier/Battlegrounds.

That said, free EC accounts are not allowed to be use macro groups/multibox anywhere in the game and will be actioned accordingly.

For more information on what’s allowed, please check out our previous Producer’s Letter on the subject!

I’ve been using ichor of the deep and noticed that it doesn’t seem to have a radius, at least at rank 1 but delves as having a 500 radius. Also tried ichor rank 2 and didn’t seem to have a radius either. Is there a radius or just delve error?

Thanks for the report! This is fixed now and it should properly snare at 500 radius.

Why are my battlefield, 50%rp bonus pot, and others counting down for around 2hrs after I log? It says remains after log out.

These potions remain on logout (or disconnect) in so far that the buff does not completely drop (like many others do by default) when you exit the game (or zone to another area). However, all buffs and /uses have their durations elapse when logged in AND out of the game.

I have a few accounts’ houses that are scheduled to be repossessed in 1.127. They all have the timer for demolition in-game.   I have three houses, two Alb and one Hib that have been locked to 23 days until demolition.   It has been that way for a very long time. Now that my 3 accounts are subscribed, will my mansions be torn down, even though I have active accounts, and have been active for some time?

No, your houses will not be demolished if you have a subscription active.

Since the repossession process is currently disabled any house that WAS scheduled for demolition will still display as such in-game, even if that account is now active. However, when we re-enable the process, it will check each house for its account’s subscription status and refresh any currently subscribed accounts accordingly and remove the demolition timer.

House repossession will only trigger on houses whose accounts are still inactive. If an account has been inactive for >120 days, the house will immediately be demolished with the launch of patch 1.127 and if an account has been subscribed <120 days ago, but is currently inactive, the process will set the appropriate demolition timer.

And to be clear: we are only enabling house repossession due to account inactivity in 1.127. House rent will remain disabled and no houses will be removed for lack of rent payment.

That's it for this week! Stay safe out there, all, and please be careful!

See you in the frontiers :)

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