Lol nvm I take it back

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They threatened to ban me because I was defending them over 3rd party people. Yeah I'm out, I've joined the good luck with your dead game crowd. Try not threatening to ban your paying customers that defend you agaisnt pirates not the smartest thing to do. I think I see why your game is dead.
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  • It is not allowed to mention any non-official servers in this forum. I think almost everyone got warned for this by now.
    Just follow it and everything is good.
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    Everything is not good, I dont take threats to ban my daoc account because I defended them as just nothing lol. I mean this game is already bottom of the barrel as far as choice go, it has better 50 to 600 people if that, since just in the new area I have seen people play 6 characters at once.

    I could understand deleting the post, but not threatening to ban a account I pay 15 bucks a month for. Maybe even saying I would be banned from the forums I suppose I could live with that. Telling me I will have my account deleted because I had a opinion that people shouldn't play on any other daoc than the official is beyond reasonable.

    You enjoy though, I'll take my business else where. I def can tell they dont take advice from the people who run ulitma online, because uo has never threatened to ban my ulitma online account because I had a opinion.

    I even got upset once about treasure hunting charges and called them all names lol, and they didn't ban me or even threatened to ban my uo account.

    That is not acceptable to threaten paying customers they will have their account deleted they pay for, for defending official servers.
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  • This was a misunderstanding on our part. I've sent you a PM, Lonesouls.
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