Havent played in years, but I am impressed this game runs on my cell phone computer.

I play Ulitma online also on it, but I like 3d games like this, I tried everquest which has worse graphics and it wouldnt run. I guess I should explain what I mean by cell phone computer, it is a snap dragon 850, which is basically a cell phone snap dragon 845 so a note 9. It runs windows 10, but it has to emulate windows 32 programs to run with ARM. Anyways super impressed this runs smoothly on it, I havent played this is o god I dono, i remember something about a water expansion coming out but never made it to it. Well I am def gonna subscribe, very impressed with this that it runs on this computer.

Mind you I do have a high end desktop, but I like to be able to play anywhere, and this is basically a cell phone so it gets unlimited internet anywhere a 4g lte cell phone does.


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