Attempting to reclaim my name

I first started playing DAoC during the beta in 2001. When the game went live I chose the Bedevere server. For the next 4 years I played a druid named iLk. Having returned after a long absence I haven't had much luck trying to convince you to reclaim my characters' original name. I purchased 3 renames because I incorrectly assumed the mithral renames would solve my issue. I've made countless /appeals that have gone unresponded. The account that contains my name (probably an old account of mine long forgotten) hasn't been active in a decade and the character with the name 'iLk' is RR1 and guildless. I plan on playing often for the forseeable future, have subscribed for the year, and purchased mithral. I would even entertain purchasing the name.

Please help me by either renaming the character or switching names.

Yilk - RR12 druid on Ywain7

wants the name 'iLk' from

ilk - RR1 mentalist on Ywain10


  • Hey iLk,

    please check your email folder (and the spam folder), Customer Support has replied to your appeals via mail!

    Please understand however that such a name switch is not possible. Customer Support only changes names that violate the rules; for everything else you need to buy a renaming token on the Mithril Store. You can only pick names that are available though, and since you said that the name you want is in use, it cannot be picked. Customer Support does not "free up" names that are already in use; additionally, there may be other reasons why a name is not available, for example, but not limited to, because they are used by an NPC, are violating the naming guidelines, or they may be reserved by the storyline team.
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