GearBunny Fusion Launch

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new template maker for Dark Age of Camelot, GearBunny Fusion. I hope that this new version will make creating character templates a lot easier for everyone.

It can be downloaded at:

The older versions, Classic and X can still be downloaded on their own page to assist with manually copying over old templates.

Thanks for everyone's support since 2006


  • Working on a few bugs already. If you are getting a "0.0" is not a valid float error, I am currently working on this. It seems to be a Win10 bug
  • Turns out the 0.0 bug was a localization setting where commas were used in place of periods. That issue has been patched. I'm now working on the item name filter caring about uppercase/lowercase, and the program getting a little confused by user behavior while in the vault tab.
  • Since the first few days of a launch generate a lot of little patches, I've decided that I'll implement all patch notes as devlogs on the page. Thanks for all the feedback so far. :-)
  • Sweet. I will definitely check it out. You KNOW I love me some Gearbunny.
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  • Just uploaded another update for the program and it's vault file. This should resolve the 'File not found' errors caused by Windows being odd about a program writing in it's own folder. Also, user Yeias noticed that Hibernia and Midgard realm filters were swapped, so I fixed this in the vault file. Thanks Yeias!

    Happy templating :wink:
  • Another update, just a few slight fixes and a way to more easily update the vault file if needed. (If there is a vault update, all you have to do is click a menu option to do the update if you have the updated program.)
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