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Wow, I have no idea where to begin. I haven’t played for about 10 years. I don’t know anything about any of this new stuff. And I’m straight getting pwned in RvR without upgrades. So... ok what is with the champion levels? The bounty points, the crazy potions you can buy for RvR. What are good templates for hunters and SBs now? I don’t see many people rocking SOM lol. What is good gear? What are these new quests with glass and stuff!?!? And did they flipping nerf archery classes or do I just suck that bad lol? No good on my SB either, and weirdly I can’t apply old poisons I had to weapons?!? I saw somewhere there are solo zones now? Please, my lord, send help.........


  • I'll help take a stab at some of your questions:

    1. Champion Levels. Once you hit 50 (and only 50), you talk to the King in your capital city. He will start you on your Champion Levels. You need to earn Champion XP to gain Champion Levels. The highest Champion Level you can achieve is 15. Running the "Supplies for the Cause" quest (gather 15 supplies boxes and 15 pieces of rubble) gets you good XP. You get that quest from the dockmaster at the keep closest to Ellan Vannin. Sounds like you in Mid. That would be the dockmaster across the water from Bledmeer. The supplies boxes are found in the so-called solo zones in each realm. They are not truly solo, but many soloers go there. In Mid, the solo zone is Trellebourg--if you are at the Bledmeer docks, head east and a little north and you will see a big fortress up on the hill. That is the Mid solo zone. The other realms are similar. Folley in Alb is located south and east from Beno on a hill. Moydruim in HIb is located south of Crauchon (past the graveyard). The rubble is found in each realm's maze. In Mid, that is south of Glenlock. In Alb, west of Bold. In Hib, north of nGed.

    You have to go back to the King in order to advance Champion Levels, although you will still earn Champion XP even if you have dinged a level and not spoken to the King.

    2. Bounty Points. Bounty points are given for kills and completing quests. You will cap at 500,000 bounty points. All players have the ability to craft using bounty points, even if you have not leveled up a crafter. Look on your "Specializations" tab on your paper doll, and about half-way down in the "Tradeskills," you will see a "Bountycraft" tradeskill at level 1. That will never go higher than level 1. You do not need to level it up. If you put in on your bar and click on it, it reveals all of the items you craft using bounty points. It's a lot of the top end gear. Most folks these days RVR to get bounty points and then craft what they want--instead of going on PVE raids to get the gear that is bountycraftable.

    3. Templates. Most folks use to find templates. I would suggest looking there and find one that has been liked by others. That would give you a good idea of a starting point (and maybe and ending point) on templates for both your hunter and shadowblade. A few still use SOM, but not many. The otherworldly cloaks, class loyalty cloaks, and darkness falls cloaks are more popular these days.

    4. Glass Quests. Certain of the old glass quests are still around, but they award bounty points now instead of glass (glass, scales, and aurulite no longer drop--they are still usable if you have them). Keep in mind that if you run the quests and have a Buggane Draught or other similar buff available, they do increase the amount of BPs awarded for the glass quests. It's always good to pop one or have one up when turning in the quest. You only need the buff when turning in. And the boost is pretty significant. After you complete the glass quest chain, you can repeat the last ones in each zone once each week. It's definitely a great way to get BPs.

    Here is a link to an older video on the glass quests. This starts at level 30. You may have already done some of these. If not, then this video gives you what you need to get to the level 50 quests that are repeatable.

    5. Archers and Assassins. I'll let someone else speak to this. They did make archers "cast" like casters but how those changes actually work are outside of my expertise. Also, for the assassins, they did remove poisons that are applied to weapons--so I think the old ones no longer work. Instead, it is buff (for lack of better words) that you select and remains up and is reapplied periodically when up. You can switch which buff is up--there are several to choose from. Again, there are many who can give you good tips on that.

    Good luck and welcome back.
  • Thank you!
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