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Now would be the best time to open a new server. Plenty of people are gonna be spending 2+ weeks home soon.


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    cant open sth that isnt built yet
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  • Maybe @Broadsword should open up Ywain to all closed accounts during this time for free like many other companies are doing with their services during the quarantines...

    PornHub - free in Italy

    Spectrum (cable/wifi company here in US) - free internet to any families with children not in school do to state-wide shutdowns

    Some Brewery in Oregon is giving away free hand sanitizer made by the 1st batch in the brewing process that they have to throw out anyways because it's not consumable. They just added Xanthen Gum or whatever it is that thickens the hand sanitizer..

    Could be good publicity
  • We still have no idea what server type they plan to release. If it's like Ywain, it'll flop. If it's a "true classic" server, it'll flop. Any new server they release on a short fuse will likely flop. I personally would love a Dragon patch server (before BS took over) with QoL adjustments implemented elsewhere but I'm not holding my breath. Removing the lockout time for EC would have been a good start but alas they've dropped the ball with that too.
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  • Its not a bad idea to give people some entertainment while they have to be at home.

    If you make Ywain free, then also people who are subbed now would want to play for free.
    But maybe you find a solution here...like removing the 120days restriction ONLY for some weeks/months.
    Or offering 1month sub for 5$, but only during the next weeks, or sth like that...

    Opening a new server just for some weeks/months...I dont know if this makes sense.
  • the 120 day restriction is garbage. EC accounts should be allowed to play any class with zero restrictions to MLS and CLS with only RR locked at 7, no House and only 2 Characters.
  • Don't see what the character limit does. Just create more free accounts?
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