Ideas for Patch 1.127 - Gaheris.

Gaheris only issues:

New user Journey quest:
In every town for each level series, there are two quests that ask you to go to the battlegrounds. Battlegrounds does NOT exist on the Gaheris server, unfortunately the are not implemented apart from Cathal Valley. It would be nice if you could implement them for several reasons.
1) Players could do the quests on new user journey, not having to skip 2 quests in each town.
2) Players could try out mini RVR like on Ywain if you put monsters of an equal level into the center keeps of the battlegrounds.
LVL 50 quests in the frontier:
I see from the recent newsletter text that the weekly quests no longer will be offered to Gaheris players. That is fine, when we can not complete them anyway.
Apart from that there is a series of quests in the Frontiers which we can not make or complete. I will list them below:
1) Supplies quest. There is no rubble nor boxes to be found in ruined areas.
2) Doppelgangers quest. There are no Doppelgangers to be found in the frontier on Gaheris.

It could be nice for everybody playing solo, duo or small group to be able to take towers at a reduced amount of dreaded seals. Like on Ywain there used to be towers on Gaheris for a period between two patches. They were never used for anything but could be good for small bands of players or ppl of lvl 45+ to train on before they start taking keeps.

It would be nice to get back Catacombs. I can not see any reason why Catacombs should be taken away from the game just because of the story line of Dragons revenge. If so, we are many that hope for catacombs to be reintroduced so ppl have extra zones to farm for money xp and clxp. It would be nice to keep the dragons revenge campaign aswell. Especially for Gaheris players the Catacombs zone was important because of the Sentient shield with 10% extra pve. Blocking. This item now can not be farmed, it can not be bought from merchants and it can not be acquired through the Darkspire instant cave.

Best regards

GM of Danish Huscarls Ywain & Gaheris


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    Those are all great suggestions. Making the battlegrounds usable on Gaheris would fix a lot of problems. However, if that would take more development resources than the team is willing to allocate, I would suggest the following as stopgap measures:

    1. Make the level 30 bounty quests in Oceanus Haven repeatable for gold and XP to close the gap between the new user journey quests and the next set of bounty quests (level 40).
    2. Re-open task dungeons on Gaheris.

    I would also like to note that player populations on Gaheris seem to have gone up quite a bit with the launch of EC. A year ago a "who all" during the week would often bring up five or fewer players. Now it almost always brings up at least 30 when I'm on (Monday night it was 40 at 2 am). I often actually see other players running around in the leveling areas when I log on now.

    That's still not a ton of players, but it's a massive increase over what the server had before. It suggests that there is a lot of untapped demand for PvE in DAoC. It's also worth noting that the two most popular unauthorized servers of this game (that I will certainly not name here) offer no PvE content at all apart from grinding random mobs (e.g., no quests).

    Live has a clear advantage in this one area, it might be a good idea to capitalize on it instead of ignoring it and pruning it back.
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  • There should be dopples on Gaheris.
  • i really want to come back but i can't stand the leveling past 35
  • After level 35 i would say ask around if any are leveling in frontiers and try to join their group at least till 40 and maybe 45 then hit CV for the repeatable quests there.
  • dungeon tasks or look for me in game for a PL
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  • Oh no. A quasi-homophobic slur. Eek. However shall those of us that dare not play on Ywain think to continue
  • And add more mobs for Cathal Valley that drops seals.
  • I wish they could fold this over to Ywain and allow us to just wipe our realm pts :(
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