RR4-5 Solo Shaman (AlphaWearg Series Part 1)


  • nice video.. couple things i noticed tho

    1) you dont use the tribal acuity buff(Lvl 23, 43)on ur self (free aug acuity 8)
    2) during moc, i rarely see the +healing buff on ur self either
    3) why no buffshears :P i realize on a tank spamming ml shears is somewhat BM, but on a shaman ur allowed =)

    ^ that being said, its hard to tell ur spec from ur UI, dont see any color borders on ur spells,
    but overall nice video =)
  • I don't bother shearing a lot because of sup pots .. normally ends up being wasted casts. I'm also 39 aug 37 cave.
  • Good vid and I agree about the sheeting to easy to use sup pots these days. Curious what's your dex at? And what ra's are u using if u don't mind me asking. One last ? Are those actual artifacts in your temp?
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