What the official currency to farm theses days?

So is it just BPs these days? or is there anything else out there to farm to bring in the cash.


  • Bounty points ya.
    Lots of cursed campaign stuff is going for premiums because people aren’t doing the content. It can all be bountycrafted but running a few characters through the cursed quest-chains will also get you some nice item rewards that are valuable as well as BP’s.

    I think a full run of DF quests nets nearly capped BP’s. So that’s quite a lot of valuable BP items you could craft and put on merchants if you brought a few toons. I’ve heard even glass quests in ToA are a high BP return rate (once a week?).

    CM’s usually fetch more money for items than built-to-order, but you have to wait for someone to buy the item and market could shift. But people are generally willing to spend a little extra if an item is available at their fingertips and they don’t have to deal with people :)
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