Returning Player - Changing old character names at login so I can play them

I am an old Day 1 player who has returned to give DAOC try again. Years ago I transferred most of my level 50s to Ywain9. The problem I have is the names on a couple of them have a number appended to them. In the old days I would be prompted when I select the character -> play to change the name. Today I get the warning that names can only contain characters between A & Z and asks me to confirm or option to enter a new character name. So how can I correct the name so I can play the character?

Also, I have another character on Lamorak (?) that I cannot transfer and I cannot get to zone out of housing for the transfer quest, if that is still a thing. Any help is appreciated.


  • Ok, I stumbled on the answer on changing the name accidentally when i hit a key while looking for the dialog for changing the name. If the answer isn't obvious to anyone else who might stumble on this, when you are looking at the character name in the pop up after hitting play, just start clicking letters or the backspace key and you will see the second character name change.

    I still haven't figured out transferring the character from Lamorak but that might be an Endless Conflict account issue.
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