Everything on my houses [merchants] is 1 gold

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I am quitting the game, see my original post in the Bounty Master's Greater Insight thread, here to find out why.

I have destroyed or dropped a great many items just to get rid of them. Standing in Camelot giving things away was slow. I have 4 mansions counting the guild house. I have taken the merchant down on one house already. House numbers 166, 167 and 168 Ywain 6 still has some items on them. Hurry over and get your "free" gear while the good stuff lasts.

It took years to get 4 of my 5 mansions close together. It's all over with now though. Good luck with the rush to grab the stuff, I doubt it lasts long.

[EDIT: You can enter any of the houses and port to wherever you want after grabbing some loot.]
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  • Sorry to hear you are leaving. I also ran into the same issue with the BP items a couple weeks ago when trying to lvl a ranger, now I have a full personal vault full of BP scrolls ><

    If you decide not to return if you have any trophies that you are getting rid of I would be more than happy to take them off your hands as I recently started collecting them all.

    Best of luck to you!

  • It’s all empty. Just checked
  • What's the BP scroll issue?
  • you can't use BP scrolls unless you are level 50 now.
  • Cuz reasons
  • Jesus. Just read the other thread. Jesus. Yeah, fck that.
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