Friday Grab Bag - 01/31/2020

It's time for another Grab Bag!

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Now, on to this week's questions!

If I add acuity to my nightshade temp, will it boost its nuke damage ? I was told that it wouldn't but i'm not sure. TY !

Nightshade’s casting stat is their dexterity stat, meaning the more dexterity they have, the harder their direct damage and DoT spells will hit.

Acuity is a substitute stat for the “traditional” casting stats of intelligence, piety, charisma, and empathy. It is not meant to be a substitute for ALL casting stats, even if a particular class uses a different stat than those four. If an item with acuity is equipped onto a Hibernian class that uses intelligence or empathy as their casting stat, the relevant stat will be increased. For classes that don’t use those stats, nothing will happen when equipping acuity.

So equipping an item with acuity on a Nightshade will not increase any of their stats and therefore does not increase their spell damage.

Does template conversion give health or only Endurance and Power as stated in combat log. While the weapon proc shows in combat log that health is converted.

The conversion stat converts a percentage of damage dealt to into endurance and power. So when the combat log says “X health is converted” it means that the damage amount was prevented and then used to heal your endurance and power. It does not actually heal your character’s health.

In terms of damage mitigation, one can think of conversion% like a resist% that can’t be debuffed or bypassed and works against all damage types.

Is there a cap to powercap? And what’s the best when templating between + power/ + power cap/mythical power?

Item stat caps:

Power: 25 at level 50 or character level / 2.

Power%: 50% with 25% power cap equipped, otherwise 25% is the cap at level 50 or character level / 2.

Power Cap: 25%  at level 50 or character level / 2.

The Power stat simply grants a point of power to your power pool per point of power stat. If a spell costs 25 power to cast, templating an extra 25 points of power would offset that single spell cast. In the current game, this is probably not an efficient stat to use in one’s template.

Power% and Power% Cap both increase the existing power pool by the listed percentage. So a class with a base power pool of 500 that has +50% power pool equipped will have 750 points of power to use in their power pool.

Mythical power regen does not affect the amount of power a class has, it simply replenishes their power at a faster rate.

As for what’s best in a template? That will largely depend on the class and what all else needs to be templated. A combination of power% and mythical power regen for heavy-casting classes is generally a good idea though!

Can you give us an official stance on the so called “solo zones” as far as them being solo only and risk/protection for these zones?

There are no “solo-only” (or 8-man-only or battlegroup-only) zones in Dark Age of Camelot. The Frontier is a sandbox that is meant to have options for all playstyles. While the ruined areas may be conducive to “solo” play over other playstyles due to how the teleportation mechanic works, they are still part of the Frontier and are not meant to wholesale prevent other playstyles from joining in the fun!

How do I undye a freezing weapon? The dye remover from npc doesn’t work.

Frozen Weapons are not dyable (or un-dyable).

Thanks as always to everyone who sent in questions!

Enjoy the weekend, all :)

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