Any Midgard guilds recruiting?

I used to play this game when I was 14 to 16 but I'm 32 now and my old guild and players are gone, so I'm hoping to find a social, friendly guild. I love Midgard, it's my home. I used to be a 50 dwarf mage named Berfulcof on the Kay server. I miss this game so much, I'm excited to play again. I made this a vet account last night. I've played WoW for a long time, but the community was toxic, I miss walking around Midgard waving to and being friends with so many people on a close knit realm. If anyone has any openings Id love to hear about it.


  • I meant Runemaster not mage.
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    Welcome back! Mid is still a close knit realm.

    Speak to the guard in jordheim who will port you to the throne room. Get the new armor/gear from the king, which you will need and will make you competitive. There are Mid BG's two times of day, during the day US sometimes, (monday wednesday thursday?) and most nights US times.

    There are probably half a dozen active, friendly guilds on Mid. I would suggest figuring out what time of day you will play during, and over the course of a few days figure out which guilds are most active during that time, then ask!
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    Sentella will be happy to have you @Brothertcn and we dont mind helping you in relearning the game. We are a us prime time guild. We may not do raids as often as renegade avengers (think they are a pve guild but not sure on that) but at least once or twice.

    Just send anyone in the guild and tell them names sent ya.
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