I /freexfer Characters to wrong server Ywain1 instead of Ywain8

I tried contacting support but no answer, I'm pretty sure I had done this years ago and they were on Ywain8 in the first place. Also the names were taken so I'm thinking they're ghosting in there somewhere. And I'm not sure if the Characters I just /freexfer were most recent anyway. I'm in no hurry, I just thought I see and give this another try


  • Hey Beltoon!
    Did you check all Ywains for your missing characters? Maybe they were transferred to a different one than Ywain! If you cannot find them on any of the Ywains, please open an ingame appeal with the following information for each missing toon:

    - the name, class, and level
    - the server they used to be located on (if it was an archived one, please list its name)
    - an approximate date when the character was last logged into the game

    Please keep an eye on your inbox including your spam folder, since appeals are often resolved via email!
    DAoC German Community Admin
    Broadsword Online Games

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