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Hello everyone, I am a new/returning (sorta) player. I began playing the game in 2001 when I was 5 years old. My dad and his friends played it so he would let me play every now and then. I believe I had a Briton Armsman and Lurikeen Mentalist as my two highest characters. I probably played until I was 11 or so (6-ish years) before my dad cancelled the sub. I have tried to keep up with DAOC through YouTube and the website throughout the years. Most of the posts I see on here are negative and pretty discouraging for new/returning players :( but early today I decided to take a leap of faith and sub.

Essentially, I have 4 questions I can think of off the top of my head. Any help answering these would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!!

1.) In most MMO's I prefer to play healer. I see on the DAOC website they have a breakdown of classes, so I have been able to identify the main healers on each realm. However, I see some classes are hybrid classes. If I plan to main a healer for RvR, should I roll Cleric or can I be effective playing Heretic? (as an example) Being able to deal effective damage without sacrificing healing is a big bonus in my eyes. TLDR; What is the RvR meta for healers on each realm?

2.) Is BG questing truly the best experience available? I do not care for taking my time going from 1-50 (besides stopping at Molvik) due to the amount of time I put in below 50 as a kid. I have played a character to level 13 so far. I went into the Lions Den to quest, but the quests were giving less experience than the quests in Cotswold. Is the difference maker the repeatable aspect of the quests in BGs? TLDR; quickest way to level?

3.) How big of a deal is Mithril? As stated above, I've only made it to level 13 so far, so I am pretty unfamiliar with the game. Is there anything groundbreaking I will need it for?

4.) I have looked up some guides but everything in them is a foreign language to me. Does anyone have a quick explanation of gearing for RvR at 50?

Again, thank you in advance for the assistance. I look forward to seeing you guys in the game, any variation of the name Zephee is me. Thanks (for the 3rd time now) and have a good one!!


  • 1.) I think you have to decide between "having good heals" and "dealing good dmg".
    If you want to be main healer, should play cleric/druid/healer. They are the only ones with spread heal for example.
    I dont play alb, but i dont think heretic has very good heals. In any case, he has no spread heal.

    2.) I always do the town quests that you get in the base towns until lvl 35, they can easily be soloed. Then i go BG.
    If you play a healing class...dont use healing spec for leveling, use your dmg line spec for leveling. You can respecc at lvl 49 or even 50. For cleric this would be smite, so full smite.

    3.) You dont need Mithril necessarily. Some people want 50% rp bonus. Or loyalty cloak token. But thats nothing you have to have.

    4.) When you have lvl 50, you get a free gear from your king in TNN. It is quite good for beginning. Should use it in any case. Then you might want to get a template.
    You should do OW and Curse for getting endgame gear. Look at for templates, there are some good ones, but also bad ones. Doing OW and Curse gives you almost CL15.
    Then you might want to get bountypoints...for example through RvR, supply quest, toa Quests, Curse, etc....
    You can craft many items now with bountypoints. So this should make it possible to get your template.
  • 1. I don't play much heal classes but I do know that some key "healer" abilities are limited to the dedicated healer classes, so heretic won't get a large group heal, or a spread heal, or any cure disease/nearsight etc...

    2. Afaik, BG questing is still the fastest way to level. Keep in mind those beginner quests probably did give more XP at lower levels, but either stop or slow down.

    3. Mithril is not a big deal whatsoever. There are mythril merchants in the 3 capital cities so scout them out and see what they offer. They do have some XP bonuses and RP bonuses, but they cost quite a bit of real-life money. Most things they sell on the store to progress your character can be done in just a few short hours of farming anyways.

    4. Maybe someone else will be able to give a good quide. Once you hit lvl 50, you basically need to farm BPs (bountypoints) to get gear (the alternative is actually doing the raids for Otherworldly or Curse, but it is very hard to find groups for that). Best place to farm BPs is the old ToA glass quests.. Port to Oceanus and talk to Destin right as you port in to get started. You can only do every quest (for BPs) once. They are all repeatable, but after the 1st time you only get gold for completing, no BPs. Also important reminder, once you hit level 50, go to the fronteir zones and talk to the NPCs with the yellow/blue quest rings above their heads.. one of the Generals will give you a quest "monthly thank you" which has a potion that will increase your bps/champ exp at 50 by 25-100% depending on your realm rank (if rr is low, the bonus is highest)

    There is lots more to know, but more questions you can ask on here, or get into a guild.
  • Play a cleric that way if you wanna dps later on you can convert to smite
  • Thank you all very much for the advice! I have one more basic (I think) question:

    1.) I hear Hib is the most populated realm for RvR's. At this point, I have no specific preference on which realm to play. I'd like to play on a realm that has a fighting chance in RvR, but isn't overpowered. Any suggestions?
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    Which time you play?
    If youre very new (or havent played a long time) maybe Hib is easiest. Although alb/mid would need more people, but it may be harder.
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  • They made jumping realms so easy that the most over populated is the most op, people are quiting because of how one sided it is. But yes time of day matters for some of the big pop swings, hibs will be more forgiving for a new healer everyone can heal on hibs (not true but it's the easiest realm for pub groups to have heals in it), mid healers have 3 types of healers so you may have to brodcast what type when looking for a group (pac (cc), aug/mend (celerity buff), mend/Aug (the type you like?)), They also have shammy that is mend or cave, and group healing locs sometimes. Albs have cleric (smite or rejuve, and if you go rejuve and group you normally need group resists (40 enhance), friar is also an option (staff friars need a buff :).

    Hibs could use a healer in groups but tend to have them or Atlest secondary heals so my may not be "needed".mid groups always have a healer though not always primary mending, albs always need more healers as it's one of the only castabls stuns and because of the requirements of a group defend there healers worse (and you find to many smite clerics).
  • I am able to play pretty much any time of the day/night. I suppose I'll just figure out what the most populated times are and then play at those times.

    Since posting my last question I've made a Frostalf Healer but I am not sure if I will be able to solo level with him or not.

    My plan going forward is to have a healer on each realm and just play on whichever one is needed the most.
  • Mid healer maybe hardest to solo. Cleric and druid are easier.
  • Healers really aren't bad to level with with their LT self buff
  • @Zephee if you need anguildnon mid send
    anyone sentella. And we can help you relearn the game /lvl and we do ow and curse fairly often. We would be happy to take you.
  • @ OP, to be honest man play whatever class you think you will enjoy the most. There are good people on every realm. Best advice is to make a class from scratch and go to the trainer... you can "hypothetically train" into speclines and see what kind of abilities will be granted to you, and you can always look online to see baseline spells and stuff.
  • You're likely well past this stage but for general info, skip Wilton and do the town quests at 30-34. It's like pulling teeth in there.

    A huge pain. Way to spread out.
  • Why would anyone do anything besides oceanus treasure chest quest at 30-36? literally takes you from 30 to 36 in 3min
  • Warden, Pally or warlock (they all have a heal spec). Warden is the hardest of those to level up, but Hibs generally have an extra 45% bonus to xp and coin, so that's going for you. Quests are absolutely the best way to level, quests and grinding. BG's have a bunch yeah but if you end up wanting to level that frosty healer hit me up because no way am I going to let you xp a healer to 50, much easier to give you a pl.
  • Update for everyone who cares: I got my Healer to 50. Solo auto-attacked with him to 35 then found a group from Oceanus to 50. Luckily, I found a very helpful guild that is trying their best to get me up to speed.

    I successfully healed Curse 1-10 yesterday and did 9-10 again today. (That first boss in 9-10 is such a pain.) I only have a couple pieces left on the first template I found online, no clue how good it is lol.

    I joined my first 8 man a little earlier and had a ton of fun taking some keeps in EV, even if I was being carried.

    When I’ve had nothing to do I’ve had a bunch of fun running around the old SI areas for the nostalgia. I can’t tell you how many characters I ran around Aegirhamn (I think that’s the SI starting zone name for mid?) when I was younger.

    One last question: On Mordred, I seem to remember getting a group of lowbies and waiting for someone to /level boost to 20 and killing them? You could boost a character to 20 if you had a 50 already. Killing them while they trained would give you 2-3 levels. Am I remembering wrong? Was this not possible? Am I crazy?

    Thank you to everyone who has helped out on this post. I am getting adjusted to the game quickly and having an absolute BLAST, even when I get killed countless times as a solo healer doing supplies quest. Again, if you see any character with a name like Zephee, feel free to say hey. :)
  • Nice, sounds good.

    If youre not sure whether your template is good, you can post it here.
  • Lol messing with him doing the supplies can result in a fg hitting you at the solo zones XD.
  • Hey, I just returned after about 10 years off. I am figuring everything out all over again, and would love to level with someone. I have a 50 sm, and a bunch of other 50s.
  • Classes that can heal (without Champion abilities)

    MIDGARD - Healer, Shaman, Valk, Warlock
    ALBION - Cleric, Friar, Heretic, Paladin
    HIBERNIA - Druid, Bard, Warden, Mentalist

    Valk, Friar, Heretic, Paladin, Bard and Warden, can also do melee damage.
    Valk, Friar, and Pally can use 2-handed weapons. (Spear/Staff/2-handed)

    Shaman, Warlock, Cleric, Heretic, Druid and Mentalist can do ranged damaged.
    Valk and Bard have insta ranged damage, but it’s negligible.

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  • @Aimirol
    I dont know if there is much leveling. Usually people powerlevel their toons, or do BG quests, or town quests...

    Maybe search a guild to get some help.
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