A few questions from a returning player

First, where is a good place to level once I reach 40ish? The Oceanus Hesperos quests can only be repeated once, so I can't just grind those. The sisters quest in Meso is too high. I can't even kill one on my enchanter. The mob either ignores my pet or kills it in 2 hits, and my stun and root spells are always resisted, so I get aggro and die quickly. I also can't finish the level 35 quests in Adribard's Retreat and Fort Atla. I have several quests from each zone waiting to be turned in, but I am required to make an optional selection, even though there are none to choose. It seems so much easier to level on a standard server since the Oceanus quests are repeatable, and the battlegrounds collection quest give fantastic XP.

On level 50 toons, I have the quest The Solo Road, yet nothing I kill in EV or elsewhere updates it. Are there only specific mobs that will update it? (Yes, I'm killing non-trivial mobs)

Is there anything in the works to reopen Catacombs? I really think that will help with my first issue.


  • Not sure i can answer your first question. i do know once you hit 45 CV is the place to go but i usually PL myself so not sure the best spot for 40-45. Not really sure but The Solo Road quest may no longer be in game or might have been replaced so u might have to drop it and pick up the new version of it. Catacombs was closed and were told it being reworked but i dont believe its high on the priority list
  • Jep. From 35 to 45 its a pain solo. I searched old forums for good Level Spots and explored SI regions and grinded a lot.

    Did you do all the Dungeon Quests? Not sure how much XP the quests from the lvl 34 Dungeons (Cordova, Varulvhamm, Treibh Cailite) will give at lvl 40. You can try to group with someone in the classic Endgame Dungeon (Spindelhalla, Stonehenge, Coruscating Mines). The quests give good XP and Plat.
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