Guild BP / RP - what to do with them?

In the light of the recent changes, especially to BP, maybe its worthwhile looking into Guilds RP/BP, too. I think the overall role of guilds in daoc is not as strong as it could be, especially in rvr. Still, in my book guilds are an important aspect of building community and retaining players.

So, here are a few suggestions what could be done with them, would be happy to see more ideas from the community. I tried to limit them to stuff that is implemented already, at least in some similar form.

1. Use Guild BP to buy RvR Guild banners
  • Make Banners a guild wide buff with the already implemented visual indication (which is so rarely used).
  • Have every guild member show the banner when the buff is activated (unless he chooses to hide it)
  • Remove the feature that banners can be stolen
  • Make banner effects a selectable rp/bp/defense/offense bonus similar to /gc buff that applies for all guild players

2. Do something else with guild claimed keeps
  • Allow guilds that defend their keep an extra bonus.
  • Flow the guild standard from the keep walls (aka Winterfell :smile: ). Ok, maybe this one is not so easy.
  • Allow guilds Members to port to their keep via command regardless of tower or keep situation
  • Provide special incentive for attackers for taking such kind of keeps (i am not sure how to do that properly, though)

3. Allow guilds to purchase "realm abilities" (maybe just passive) from their guild RP
  • Would probably require revamping of the guild RP amounts or the guild RA cost
  • Abilities could be related to keep siege or porting abilities or summoning special NPCs
  • Add ability for a guild to destroy or ignore speed warps (this is a joke)

4. Do something with EC Accounts and Guild rp/bp, at least
  • Whatever the reason is that EC accounts can use houses, maybe for guild houses things can be relaxed a bit
  • Maybe some BP items could be transferrable to EC accounts when bought from Guild BP


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