Farming Team

Hey everyone just got back into playing daoc again and wanted to roll on the Gaheris server. Was wondering if anyone had advice on duo,trio,4 man teams to farm PvE stuff and keeps.


  • For a duo pet Pbaoe/ward or valk. Trio Valk/pet pbaoe/spec buff healer (i like druid or shammy). 4 man is kind of the odd ball when it comes to teams, im running 4 now and im constantly changing my fourth. I'll usually run the trio plus either a ward or another pet pbaoe. ive tried things like a tic or bard as well, in most cases especially keeps the second pet pbaoe makes things faster.
  • This 4 toon setup might be fun a number of ways:

    50 mana/20 enh chanter
    Warden blockbot
    Thane blockbot/extra dps aoe energy debuffs
    43 aug 32 mend shaman
  • Appreciate the feedback. Going to start leveling a pbae/blocker tomorrow and go from there.
  • my favourite 4 man team ended up being sm+paladin+druid+bard.

    i only liked bard because of speed 6 + pom + heals - now that healers have speed 6 could possibly be a contender.
  • I have fun with my Merc/Druid. May not be the best combo out there, but, gets the job done. Can't handle multiple attackers, but, with careful pulling, can handle moderately high purples and the easier keeps in the frontier.
  • I have seen a savage/bard combo doing okay against High Lords in DF ...

    Valk has insta heals (more than Pal) and warden has base buffs and possibly group bubble (depending on spec.) Pally has endo.

    Shield/mend valk with a hero could be good, too. Pally/Valk or pal/warden with PBAOE ought to be great ...

    or, for a twist ... matter cabby, valk, shaman.
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