Firewall rules needed to play

Is there a complete list of firewall rules, that is needed to use the game?

I'm aware, that this runs on AWS and akamai, which means, that the IP address are changing constantly (adjustment needed for every game session) - but rather than a list of ports needed?!
Or is the game client using different hosts depending on the zone you are in? Guess I'll find that one out ,-)
Yes, login-servers are cycling so it can take a bit till it uses the allowed one. And no, I'm not going to open

I managed to log in with these rules so far:

      # delete reference to chain, remove it completly and generate a new one
      iptables -F GAMES_DAOC
      iptables -D FORWARD -j GAMES_DAOC
      iptables -X GAMES_DAOC
      iptables -N GAMES_DAOC

      echo "Allowing Patcher=<${IP_PATCHER}>"
      iptables -A GAMES_DAOC -p tcp -o $WAN -i $LAN -m mac --mac-source ${MAC} --dst ${IP_PATCHER} --dport 1380 -j ACCEPT

      echo "Allowing files download for patcher from IP=<${IP_PATCHER_DOWNLOAD}>"
      iptables -A GAMES_DAOC -p tcp -o $WAN -i $LAN -m mac --mac-source ${MAC} --dst ${IP_PATCHER_DOWNLOAD} --dport 80 -j ACCEPT

      echo "Allowing Loginserver=<${IP_LOGIN}>"
      iptables -A GAMES_DAOC -p tcp -o $WAN -i $LAN -m mac --mac-source ${MAC} --dst ${IP_LOGIN} -m multiport --dports 10500,10501,10502,10503 -j ACCEPT

      echo "Allowing Gameserver=<${IP_GAMESERVER}>"
      iptables -A GAMES_DAOC -p tcp -o $WAN -i $LAN -m mac --mac-source ${MAC} --dst ${IP_GAMESERVER} -m multiport --dports 10622 -j ACCEPT

      iptables -I FORWARD -j GAMES_DAOC
      echo "Dark Age of Camelot enabled"
      iptables -nvL GAMES_DAOC

in b4 "you are a freak!" and yes, I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to my IT.
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