No Subscription Button in Account Center

Shouldn't there (see arrow in screenshot) be a "Subscription"-Button as mentioned in the "Billing"-Tab?
Tried to enter the GTC-Code under the "Activate key", which didn't work and I remember, this was not the place to enter GTCs. Considering I didn't even find a place to enter credit card informations (if I wanted to use one), which indicates, that there is missing something.

Tried Firefox (allowing all javascript) and plug-in-free Chromium.
Both Browsers are up-to-date, but I'm using Ubuntu to access Account center. No Internet for my Windows10 Installation (Thanks to spying Microsoft. And there is an awful lot of traffic registered by my iptables - trust me)
Yes, selected account (only one daoc-account bound to this origin account) is correct. The EMail-addresse (when i created my DAoC account back in 2001) is not the same as my origin-email.
Also tried the laptop from work (Win10 with Edge-Beta, which is based on Chromium) and I still don't have any "Subscription"-Button.


Thanks in advance,


  • sigh ... seems like it was the other email. Got the list of subscription (EC) now.
    Using a new email for every service(*) can be a pain ...

    can be closed, sorry for the inconvenience

    (*)easier to track down source of spam/leaks
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