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Quick suggestion regarding bringing new players and getting old players up to date in the EC world. This should also help staleness and populations which ultimately bring subscribers...

Anywho, idea time:
Every week let EC accounts use xp and rp /off, but only in a certain level range. Basically, give rotating battlegrounds for all the free players to enjoy. Start at the level 10 one, and just keep going up every week or so all the way to CV.

This does a few things:
1) If you build it, they will come. Lots of old players don't want the 74 different flavors of ablatives and 96 /use2's. I know many people who were happy to just play in molvik for years. With a bigger population in the bgs, subscribers get more action and more fun as well, they can make alts and keep them in each bg already tempted and never level out. They can also use the non restricted classes. Maybe new players are tired of dying to a and sub to play one...

2) Gets free accounts used to their classes as they gain abilities a few levels at a time, and gets them rvring (whole point of the game) early and often.

3)When the /xp off expires for each bg, they go to the next, and next, eventually hitting level 50, now they have a class they know how to play and aren't constantly steamroller by people 12 realm ranks higher because they may already be rr4 or so.

4)They will hit 50 with some bps for some parts (or all) of an actual template, with some of the /uses they learned about in CV...

  1. So???8 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. I like crayons, demz yummyz


  • They could make it even simpler. Allow EC accounts to /XP off so they can gain RR in the BGs prior to hitting 50. Keep the /RP off restriction. If players want to stay in the BG indefinitely, then they should pay for a token that resets their RPs to 0. The current XP/RP off token is a failed cash grab.
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  • I voted yes, tho as a stealth zerger, 3 had a strong appeal. lol
  • I agree with BS that there shouldn't be a blanket /rp off for EC accounts. Hell, I'd just never leave Molvik. And I got enough molvik toons with 1 day /played that I wouldn't ever need to pay. And they know it. I don't want a free ride, there needs to be Some friction. If that friction means making new toons to level every month or two, that could also bring back some of the social leveling aspect, who knows..

    But status quo doesn't work for a game losing subscribers. Gotta change it up. How much fresher would the game be if you had more than molvik to play in constantly.
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    What's the point of Endless conquest? Get new players (so paying players have people to kill)? squeeze money with micro transactions for a sort time on the few who don't understand how horriblly priced things are? Or make the ftp experience so bad that they have to subscribe?

    They are failing at the first goal because they are also implementing, way to heavy, the other 2 goals.

    The second is not sustainable because we don't have that many people to burn through (small market share, niche game).

    And the 3ed only works if your game is desirable (there is a lot that might contribute to this but low pop is a big part), and sadly Daoc is not desirable enough for most trying EC I would guess.
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  • Why open for anything that brings new players.
    Being able to get some RR before hitting 50 makes sense.

    Since when you care about population on Ywain? :p
  • A NEW F2P server where everyone starts from scratch with Mithril shop items may be for the best. Ywain may need to be retired or pay option for those that wish to stay, if economically feasible.
  • PvP is this game’s greatest asset AND curse so to speak
  • @Kroko
    My goal has always been the survival of the game. I don't believe ywain is it (it needs to be there, but I think the new server will drive subscribers and keep the game alive), but something for free accounts needs to exist (Ywain) to keep getting new players in this game.
    Something else also needs to teach them the game.
    Guiding them through battlegrounds could be that thing.

    It's also a lot easier to implement than the new server and could be just the thing to infuse ywain population before the new server takes some away.
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