Boat glitch

Can you guys do something about the boat lag off glitch? It’s been years of being dropped randomly in the water and not being able to summon a horse Bc “I’m riding something”

Like QoL should be top priorities and yet this glitch has been known for years


  • Happened again, appealed again

  • Can y’all just perma ban me?

    Would be less frustrating than making appeals and posts that just get ignored

    That seems to be the only thing you guys ever do
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  • I used to get this issue and haven't for over a year. The only thing I did different was bought a few gigs more ram. Maybe try that, Might not set you back but $20.
  • Sick happened yet again an still no response from any devs

    What the **** @Carol_Broadsword
  • just please ban me

    y'all clearly only care about modding the forum and not fixing the game

    @John_Broadsword just when i thought you couldnt be more of a wet noodle, youve gone into hiding
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    lol couldnt even get a **** response on the "official boards"

    accounts cancelled [edited]

    figure the **** out @John_Broadsword

    never thought you'd be one to struggle at communicating @Carol_Broadsword

    im not upset, just disappointed
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  • probably ban me now tho right?

    y'all are always 8 steps slow
  • Sorry, but you set the tone wrong from beginning. But keep it up!
  • relax burner john broadsword, they had 11 years to fix that glitch
  • People told you how to fix it, if i remember right
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    [edited], no one has "fixed" the glitch

    ill dumb it down for you,

    ~typing /mou after you glitch off the boat is the same as putting dirt on a bullet wound~

    But yes ive finally figured you out @Kroko its your burner account for @John_Broadsword

    [edited] and think giving an answer to the result of a glitch is better than solving whatever causes the glitch in the first place.

    Because yes getting dropped in the middle of the irish sea typing /mou and riding my horse for 10 minutes is the same result of never getting dropped of a 2 min boat ride to begin with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111

    **** good grief no wonder this game has gone to **** with people like u suggesting changes

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  • Kroko wrote: »
    Sorry, but you set the tone wrong from beginning. But keep it up!

  • its amazing, this glitch has been in this game for countless year.

    in another game the glitch was fixed?

    woahhhh funny what happens when people care

    QoL <3
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