The Endless Conquest and what needs to changed

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The Endless Conquest is a huge step in the right direction but there are too many restrictions. The Population has gone up a small fraction but we all knew that was going to happen with the FTP model. For this FTP model to really increase ywain's population there needs to be changes.

1. Open up all classes with the FTP mode for new and returning players for 3 months upon opening account.
2. After 3 months account have the option to then stay FTP or go Subscription based.
3. FTP limited to realm rank 7 with 2 characters and no house (No Discount)
4. Paid - Max RR and 8 characters and House (discount on Mithril purchases)

If people like the game they will pay..easy as that. Why limit CL's or class selection? Let the end user have the full experience and let them decide which avenue they want to take after that experience. I think 3 months is a good length of time for someone to pick up the game and experience some different monthly events. @John_Broadsword @Carol_Broadsword
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