Labby and Seals

Are there mobs that drop them more? Or is it all completely random?


  • Named mobs seem to have a better rate but otherwise it’s random
  • most of the mino relic mobs in laby drop between 0 and 3 dreads per kill. there are a few mobs that drop more but most require a grp as for everything else like Teflon said its random drop rate
  • we used to camp mino relic mobs as they'd usually drop one and you could mostly farm at your pleasure. Red/purps also seem to drop more often but it's not as guaranteed as a named mob.

    If you want to grind seals out with 4 toons but don't want to do keeps, do one of the dragonsworn camps in NF. (Mount Collory or Snowdonia or Jamtland). Block bot/heals + pbaoe + ranged dps is all you need but more the easier. Warden+Valk +Chant+Bain probably easiest.
  • i dont ever remember pict camps dropping dreads, i could be wrong since i havent done them in a while but ill check this out
  • did jamt pict camp for about 30min and no dreads dropped. the items now sell for about 3g but can be salvaged and sold for much more that way
  • Sorry, my data was ~5 years old.
  • The dragonsworn camp on the hilltop due north of Hurbury does indeed drop dread seals. I passed thru last night and got 5 seals in about 25-30 kills. Hope this helps
  • I tested this camp as well and you are correct. Hurb camp seems to be slightly different than the on i tried in jamt. Jamt mobs drop weapons and hurb camp doesnt. Also hurb camp mobs are named after alb classes and have abilities based on those classes
  • Do you guys know more spots beside Lab, EV and keeps where to farm Seals? More variety would be welcome.
  • I would hazard a guess that the dragonsworn on EV would also drop seals not just the demonic mobs
  • Of course the mainland dragons also drop seals if you are particularly adventurous. 70 per kill as I recall
  • Thanks for the hint. At last a challenge for my RR5 Scout ;)
  • Mino Relics in the frontiers drops dreads, a search on can find the /loc of them all
  • I did most of the Mino Relic Bosses. They drop only one or zero seals too often to be worth running through the frontiers. Also the tougher Bosses like Cerberus or the Spirit Guardian. They should be dropping at least 2 or 3 like the Heralds imho. E.g. Maghras dropped two seals yesterday and is much more harder to fight than the Lords of the lower Keeps like Avakr (without having to smash doors and clear the keep though :) ).

    I would like to see more zones / mobs / named / Bosses / all over the world dropping seals. E.g. in DF as you suggested a few weeks ago.
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