RP/XP off buff from myth store not working properly?

I am EC account.

Bought this buff on my ranger in Molvik and logged in and played him twice. I didn't pay much attention to my in-game playtime on ranger. Possibly played 1.5-2 hours one night, then when I logged on the next day I had 20 minutes left on the 480 minute buff. I chalked it up as maybe I went AFK while logged in for a while longer than I thought and no big deal that's on me...

A few days ago I bought this buff again on my SB and did /stat once I bought it, and did /stat again before logging out. Total in-game time was 90 minutes that day. I log in today, and again, I have 23 minutes left on my XP/RP buff, which is supposed to last 8 hours...

I'm not sure if this is on me for not supposedly knowing that this buff basically runs constant even while you are logged out, but it absolutely shouldn't. There is no description for this buff in the mythril store explaining exactly when the timer stops or doesn't stop when you log out.

So from my experience with this item, you pay 200 myth ($2-3?) for one 8 hour session or less (plus 20 minutes next time you log in.. maybe).

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  • Yeah the timers on the RP/XP bought tokens were upped in duration, but it's still really a one session use. That extra 20 minutes you get seems like it's just a courtesy for when you log in next. The timer keeps running when you log off.

    Not a fan personally but it's a business model and an extra you don't have to use. (I don't).
  • Yeah I bought it the 2nd time to make sure that that's what it was. I think it's a terrible feature to offer to EC accounts. Not being able to turn XP/RP off does nothing but keep people out of Molvik or other BGs. I'm not going to play my Molvik toon until he dings out, so I just won't play him... great business model.

    Easy fix is to have EC accounts be able to turn XP off but keep them from being able to turn RPs off BUT allow them to use the Realm Point Remover NPCs so they can delete their RPs to stay in a BG.
  • It’s the same with most potions like Supp, or the traditional monthly buggane buff, it counts down even if you log off.
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    We made a post about this in the battleground section. We did the math and almost nomatter how you play it's going to be a rip off. Making it less of a alternative payment method and more of a cash grab.. my only guess is EA has a very high tax on micro transactions? Or Bs hoped we where a bunch of financial idiots... Most of us are over 30, avg 40 but whatever. All of the mith store looks like this so I'm guessing the EA cut thing.
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