NF issues

Anyone else having issues loading into NF? I can load into the game but crash trying to get into NF.
Dreamscape 12Lx Dark Lotus


  • Odd, had a few more crashes, then it said I couldn't log into NF at this time, now it seems to be working.
    Can close thread.
    Dreamscape 12Lx Dark Lotus
  • If you are on an EC account you can be denied access to NF if itsover populated
  • Has this ever happened?
  • Not sure. Its only for EC accounts
  • Delete your mft.myp file from the DAOC folder and let it repatch.

    Also are your files set to read only? This happens sometimes randomly from what I've read it's caused by Virus programs.
  • Minibard wrote: »
    Not sure. Its only for EC accounts

    I had this problem happen to me last weekend and I'm not an EC account. Where it said I couldn't log into NF at this time.
  • Not an EC account. It was weird though, each time I tried to log in I would get a different message on why I couldn't until it just let me in but everything was super slow/lagging for the about a minute then it was fine. This was after deleting the mft.myp file so not exactly sure what was going on.
    Dreamscape 12Lx Dark Lotus
  • I had that issue wouldn’t patch turns out my files got set to read only in the entire folder
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