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returning player- i'm not trying to be all negative, but it's super obnoxious the spec lists on the website aren't up-to-date. I found the char builder, but that looks like it's run by a fan, and it's also not accurate, and really it's not their responsibility. what gives with that?


  • www.excidio.net is most uptodate char builder i know. Its not completely uptodate though.
    There is just no completely uptodate one.
    These sites give info, that can still help a bit: www.daocpedia.com, but they are in german.
  • My suggestion is to keep pestering Broadsword about the outdated information so maybe they can expedite the release of the new website we were suppose to have years ago. In the mean time, www.excidio.net is the best we have for spell lists outside of the game.
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  • The good news is that respec stones are pretty cheap nowadays, so you can try specs and change easily.
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