New player quest ran dry (midgard)

Hi, brand new to DAOC. EQ1 and Eve vet forever. I have seen many guides saying to follow the new player quests to level 35ish. However I finished the ones that i got in mularn (the little village that you get sent to after the tutorial isle) and i didn't get any quest or directions to go on to the next one.

Any answer would be helpful and thank you in advance!


  • I think you can start leveling in the battlegrounds from there. Go to the teleporter and click battlegrounds. Then accept the kill quests there. Rinse and repeat :) has been a while since I’ve done it though.
  • Try the dungeons they where revamped and given xp/loot/money revamps. My understanding is that the quest directs you towards them?
  • Wait the dungeons were revamped? I might level a new toon just to check out the new leveling method and for some sh*ts and giggles.
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  • There should be a quest, sending you to the next town, atleast in hib it is the case. Maybe you missed one.
  • At level 35+, you can either XP in the Battlegrounds or dungeons appropriate for your level. Both have quests that merit XP but only the BGs are repeatable and are generally faster. You can also run rubble quests in the BGs that reward RPs to gain some RR (quest is obtained on mainland side in each realms border keep). There's also a repeatable quest chain in ToA that starts in Oceanus Hesperos that rewards BPs (first turn in) and XP.

    If you're stuck at Mularn, go to Ft. Veldon to continue the new user journey town quest line.
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