Who to write to?


I have been going back and forth in emails with the support team trying to regain access to 2 accounts from back in 2004. One belongs to my brother (Deceased 2007) and have been able to identify his main character as well as providing all subscription/account details my brother had noted in a diary some years before his passing. Personal details were provided also. The responses from support are copy/paste. Apparently not enough details given.

I have also done the same with my own personal secondary account, though I have long since changed email address and bank accounts since 2004 and cannot remember account details and so on, nor do I have cd keys. Again, responses to all the information I could provide were pretty much copy/paste jobs. Unfortunately I could not remember account names or subscription account names.

At this point I am out of options with support and looking for advice on how to next proceed. The account belonging to my deceased brother is particularly interesting to my parents so as to see what he may have named other characters. Having been a child (14 years old) when he passed, this one was the most important of the 2 accounts to be reclaimed just for that reason alone.

Any help or advice on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hey Sogrind,

    I am sorry to hear about your troubles with this matter. Please send me a message here with the details, including the email address you used to contact the account support team!
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