Great action today

Best action I’ve seen in game for a very long time today fighting all over map.
Nice to see mids kick cows ass at bled not once but twice kinda disproves that mids can’t get it together we hit him a couple of times with 16 just so the mids might win hope mids return favour when he hits one of our keeps.
Game really seems to be picking up


  • Yes that was a cool fight. Good defence by mids.
  • Probably because most of the defenders were from NA time. He eventually took Bled after people logged for dinner and such.
  • We took that because mids couldn't port in.
  • nope titanic most of the defenders were euros the hero Zerg is mainly American
    Same day we had a great fight at Beno where my group mostly Americans and my alliance German group kicked norrens hib Zerg and a couple of mid french groups ass if you wanna talk nationalities happy days !
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