Problem Housing repossession garden and trophy disapear

hello, it's been 3 days that I'm waiting for a CSR game. my problem Housing is at the level of the garden repossession and trophy repossession. All my outdoor trophy and garden object disappeared and I lost half of my trophies, and Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day outside and inside. Can someone help me? Sorry for my bad english, i'm french ;)



  • Hey LaFureur!

    Please check your emails (including the spam folder) if you haven''t heard from Customer Support, you probably have been sent a response via mail!

    If a house has been repossessed, items such as furniture, NPC's, tools, house decorations, and trophies will not be stored with the repossession banker NPCs and cannot be recovered. Unfortunately, this means that if the banker does not have the items you are missing, there is no way to get them back.
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  • yes, is the response CSR Sniffff :-(
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