DAoC is Beautiful

I'd love to see some of this games in combat beauty come back to life and I had a very simple but super amazing visual change in mind that could truly bring back that flare of in combat abilities. As we all know the reaver's pulses and shamans new damage shield will show themselves if running even if they're not clicked again. I would love to see these permanent pulses/effects like songs to VISUALLY show themselves maybe every 10 seconds or any frequency so we don't lose that amazing visual aspect these abilities have to offer, It could be an amazing touch to give to the community. Since we don't manually twist these abilities anymore we don't see them in combat or on the field. It could be refreshing to work on a cosmetic flare that could only benefit the games relevance and visual impressions it could leave on others and man would the existing community love it. It adds excitement to combat seeing all the abilities fly and this change would only be a good move in my eyes to bring the game even more to life.
  1. What Do All of You Think?2 votes
    1. Keep Permanent Pulses/Songs/Abilities Having No Frequency Visuals
    2. Make Permanent Pulses/Songs/Abilities Have Visual Frequencies to See
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